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Hi, everyone!

Today I have a special announcement regarding Patreon: I'm starting a book club! It'll be run on Discord, so it's only open to Patrons who've pledged at the $5 tier or higher as well as to anyone at the $1 tier who's supported me up to now as a special way to say thank you for your support. Before I explain the Patreon logistics, though, let's talk about the book club and what to expect!

Obviously, being a book club, we'll be tackling the same book together and discussing it. Though the book club isn't restricted to books about asexuality or aromanticism, there's a good chance it will have a higher focus on that. It'll depend on what people vote for when it's time to select the new read. The book club will predominantly focus on older releases and indie books as well as the SFF genre, but I'm sure new releases and other genres will come up occasionally as well. The book club aims to read about 100 pages per week, though since I'm usually reading ebooks actual numbers may vary somewhat. I'll come up with discussion questions for everyone.

I've selected a book for us to start reading next week because wow why would I ever do anything not last minute. And that book is The Oathbound by Mercedes LackeyThis book is the first in her Vows and Honor series and was published in 1988. This is one of the earliest known SFF books with an ace-coded protagonist and since this trilogy is next up in my series of Ace Lit discussions, I figured it would make the perfect start to the book club.

After that, we'll vote on books. If you've got suggestions for what you'd like to read, let me know! I'll be working off my TBR pile to start us off, but I'm hoping to incorporate more options that you wanted to see as we go along.


  • Aug 12-18: Chapters 1-4
  • Aug 19-25: Chapters 5-8
  • Aug 26-Sep 1: Chapters 9-11

So how do you join? Well, anyone who's a patron at $5 or more has access to the full Discord server. Just head on over to the book-club channel and you're good! If you've pledged at $1 and want to join the book club, DM me through Patreon and I'll make sure you get an invite link to the book-club channel. It won't be a temporary invite, so you won't have to worry about Discord kicking you out for inactivity or anything.

I think that about covers it. I'm really excited about this! I've always enjoyed readalongs, but I've tended to chicken out of hosting ones for books I don't know well. No more! Let's all just read books together and have a good time! :D

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