Discord Now Live!
Hey all!

BIG NEWS! The TMG discord is now live! Some of you actually might have noticed that already... because I have now linked the discord with Patreon to create special ranks for all who are pledged to me here! You can check the rank rewards to see what each rank will give you, as well as what role you will have! If you aren't already in it, then click this link, make an account and link it with your Patreon profile: https://discord.gg/AgNajSn

I hope you guys enjoy the community that we're building here, because I know I am, and I have to thank you all again for being amazing. So enjoy the discord, and see you guys there!

P.S. Big thanks to my buddy Randomize for helping me set this up! (you have my permission to annoy him, go ahead :D)

- The Musical Gamer

Chris J.