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I'm on Discord, because...well...Skype sucks!

After their "new' updated version it's awful. Reminds me of something back in 2005....so screw you Skype, hello Discord!

I do have a few rules to follow on there if you wish to chat:

1. I do not call, I do not video chat, I do not do either of those. Why? Cause I'm uncomfortable about them. I know I was going to do that recording of me playing a game. But it's a little different only because I don't have anyone talking back to me and or facing me face-to-face. I mean that's also why I don't go on a phone! My phone is only my mp3 player. That's all I really use it for and I don't even like talking on a phone in general. If I can meet face-to-face or text instead I'd rather have that option then to talk because I get too nervous so don't ask me to video chat or call because I WILL NOT do that.

2. If you're there to chat, let it be only a chat. I am NOT going to roleplay. I don't have time for that. I barely do it now if anything because i just don't have the time. I'm not 15 anymore I'm working on things. If you're there to chat and say hello please do, but if it's just a pointless chat about roleplaying I will not reply to that and continue on what I'm doing and ignore your little "conversation' not saying it's not "fun" but I just don't have the time to do that anymore. 

3. If you text and it shows i'm green or something but i don't respond, it's because I'm working. I'm on but I'm working. I try to reply as fast as I can but I want to get work done. I don't mind you saying hello but remember I'm busy working on my projects to get things done so that all of you can see what I'm doing. So don't be like "offended" or "hurt" that I'm not responding right away. 

4. If you want me to join a chat group I might do so, I may be a bit unactive because as said, working and time zones are a bit different. but I wouldn't mind depending on what it is. And if i start one, it's because I have stuff to share or I just want a big group together and I'm on break and just want to mess around lol. 

So we got that? We understand the 4 little rules? Nothing big.
I'm still learning discord since it is a bit different then skype and my friend said he'd teach me more about it. 

but here's my name: Animextremex #1556  

Let's chat sometime!

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