Discord Update: 8/17/16

Read it here: https://tmblr.co/Zkw55i2AsyR6m

Frogs are amphibians so they don’t have nipples. Does that mean that you could show frog lady boobs and get a PG-13 rating? 

It’s these kind of morally challenging situations which really define me as a writer. 

On this page we meet King Bippy, what an awesome guy. This scene is stupid but I love it. The Bippy Family has no real power on Silurmore, and exist in a ceremonial capacity. I feel like if King Bippy wasn’t a King he’d be one of those cheesy car salesmen guys. He used to be a wrestler and of course he still wears his belt proudly. 

The alien in panel 2 was designed by Mrs. Plague Jack. 

See ya next week. 

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