Discord updates
Since we have so many new pledges, and I only see less then half of you on Discord, I thought I'd take a moment to post news about our little channel. 

If you don't know, Discord  is a text and Voice Chat program that works on computer and has a nice little Cell app. It really allows me to keep in touch with many of you when I'm away from the computer, on the bus and such, and answer your questions. 

I originally designed the board to help each other keep motivated and cheer each of us up when we need it. So there are a few artist there already. We have many different rooms in the Text section, from help with brainstorming story ideas to showing off our art or just posting silliness to cheer each other up. Even an Inside OuT room for discussing story stuff and we started up a Paranoia room (possibilty of playing this old insane RPG online) 

They stated they will be adding in a screen sharing system later so that would mean I would be able to do private art streaming there laters, hopefully it will be soon. 

The only real rule is to keep things SFW and try to keep things polite and friendly. I'm trying to make this a safe place to get away from all the insanity that keeps spreading online as of late. 

To join all you need to do is get the App, you can find it here. then create an account. When you are done you link it too your Patreon Account  and this will allow you to gain access to Patreon Discord channels.  

That is all, hope to see some of you there.