Discord Weekly Postponed, Stream Cancelled
I hate to do it again, everyone, but I am stressed out and super frustrated. I accidently bent the USB port of my new microphone and now it won't power on. I've spent all night and all day trying to get it fixed, but it looks like I need to mail it for repairs tomorrow morning. We'll have to keep using the headset microphone until it's repaired.

Discord Weekly will be moved to tomorrow, Monday, at 8:00pm Central Daylight Time. Don't forget that here in Texas, we jumped ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time! Here's Monday's complete schedule in Central Daylight Time:

3:00pm: Adobe Creative Livestream

8:00pm: Discord Weekly

9:00pm: PokeMonday Creative Livestream with @Eternity_Waits#9128

To make up for all the schedule changes, have a "Jolly Gryphon" Coloring Page. There's a .png file for printing, and a .psd file for coloring digitally. Thanks again for the understanding!