Discoursive (Discursive + Discourse)
I want to thank you all for sticking with me here before I've even launched the colorized webcomic. There are some personal goals that I'm happy to report are being addressed! One is learning more about the Adobe Illustrator so as to be able to turn things like the Hadonic symbol into a vector so that it can be scaled up or down at will. I studied it back in college but have since created mind barriers to delving into it. I'm using Skillshare and greatly enjoying pausing and scribbling notes to myself. This is another perk of the art retreat - the luxury of time. Also, I've heeded the wisdom of fellow illustrator Alex Fine and signed up for a Publishing for Illustrators webinar by Kate Woodrow. I've always wanted to work on editorial and literary projects but have always directed action towards my own narrative and painting projects.

There's what we do and then what we say - regrouping is good for aligning the two. 

As this amazing 4 month art retreat draws to a close I want to share my gratefulness with you and the universe. I've spent time exercising, gardening, exploring, kayaking, talking, listening, tending, coloring, painting... and now I'm ready to return to my Baltimore home with a renewed patience and appreciation for the many varied gifts of the present moment. I hope you will join me near the end of this month at Trinadot.com to inaugurate this new chapter. Tell your friends! Let's see what happens!

Feel free to ask questions or comment below. I'd love to hear from you!  

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