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Watercolors, ink wash, and charcoal on paper approx. 9" X 12" A meditation on what it means to explore the unknown and learn what lies beyond the next horizon. Apprehension keeps us from making that next step but we can never banish it completely. It's painful grasp keeps a tight hold of us and saps our resolve until we are little more than standing stones unwilling to risk what surrounds us on the promise of curiosity. It is only in weakening the grasp we gain the momentum to discover what is hidden. For me this is the battle of all my creative endeavors. I am always a pendulum swinging between the mania of furtive action and the stubborn settled inertia of my own apprehension. It's only in risking what we have that we can hope to overcome this. If we don't take a chance on ruining it we succumb to the lost potential. We settle for the middle because we are afraid to go too far.
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