Discovery Canada appearance and other things!
Hey patrons! If you happen to be Canadian, or get the Canadian discovery channel, tune in tomorrow for Daily Planet, airing 7AM, 11AM and 7PM EST! You'll get to watch me and host Jay Ingram hilariously failing at surviving on a deserted island! (The photo above is one I snapped on the way home from Discovery's Toronto studio.)

A note: I finally succeeded at getting the Entropic Time MP3 up on Patreon, so if you go back to the MP3 post you can now directly download it. Sorry for the couple of days where it was neither free here or freely available on Bandcamp!

And finally, in The Internet Is Odd: My most hastily produced video of all time just passed half a million views. I really do not understand how  the internet chooses its viral videos. Regardless, if you've never seen All About That Base (No Acid) here it is. Don't follow its advice re: lab safety!

Alright that's all; welcome and a huge thank-you to everyone who's pledged after watching the last video! You are the wind beneath my wings. Or the weasel between my wires. Something, anyways.

Best wishes,


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