[Discuss] Best way to add or setup menu commands?
Awhile ago I released a plugin called the Menu Command Manager, which provides functionality that allowed you to control your menu commands.

You can get it here:


What I offered here is a way to hide or show commands at anytime. So if you wanted a command to initially not be visible, you could hide it early on and then reveal it when the time comes.

You could also enable/disable commands, so if you wanted to lock certain commands until some condition is met, that is an option.

Now, the biggest feature that the menu command manager offers is the ability to add new commands. For example, if you wanted to have a "load" command in your menu.

There are two questions that need to be asked

1. How would you set up a party's initial menu commands?

2. When you add the command dynamically, what order should it appear?

I originally thought of using plugin parameters, but then there's no reason to assume that every party, or anything that supports menu commands, will all have the same commands, and to me, it just seems inconsistent to offer plugin parameters for one party, but force you to use a different solution for other parties.

I would much prefer all input to be done the same way for every party regardless, even if you only plan to have one.

Here is the option that I'm currently considering:

Use script calls.

When the player starts a new game, you would run an event to set up the party's commands. You don't need to worry about the order here, since you could just add them in the order that you want.

Now, if you wanted some commands to stay hidden, you would just hide them from view using script calls.

Specifying Order

But what happens if you have dynamic commands that could be added at anytime? For example by states, or something else?

Should there be a list that dictates the "priority" of each command, which indicates which ones from first, and which ones come later? Then whenever you add a command, the list will automatically be sorted.