[Discuss] Formula Library - Comprehensive script call reference
I will begin to build a set of pages dedicated to script calls.

I will be focused on RPG Maker MV for now. They will be located on my wiki


There are infinite number of script calls that you can make.

However, there are a lot of common script calls that people usually make in game development. They can be broken down into two broad categories:

1. Conditions

2. Actions

For example, conditions can include script calls like

  • Is the actor holding a sword-type weapon?
  • Has the actor learned how to use the Fireball skill?
  • Is switch 4 turned on?
  • How much damage was dealt in the previous action?
  • How many enemies are still alive in battle?

Whereas actions are explicitly used to "do stuff", like

  • Gain an item
  • Reduce HP by 200
  • Turn on switch 4

And so on.

If a developer knew how to check if a skill was learned, they could apply that knowledge to check for any other skill.

What is important here is to present information that others can use and build on in their own script calls.

This would make the plugin development process easier, because instead of having to build code to handle all sorts of cases that might be "helpful" for developers, you could just give them the tools for them to use, and let them figure out how to work it into their own project.

I would like to begin by providing a set of formulas specifically for checking whether some condition is met. The formulas can be broken down based on further categorization such as whether it applies to actors/enemies, or perhaps to switches/variables, or maybe the current time, and anything else that can be used as a condition.

Later on, we will begin expanding on "action" type formulas.