[Discussion] Worlding Building Black Wolves
I started to work on Elise's second scene with Theodisa showing up at the train station as Elise looks for Theodisa's younger brother Francis.  It started to get me head scratching as to how Theodisa is related to Elise and Clarice.  I realized I needed to think a little more about the history of Elise's family.  

THE HISTORY OF THE GRIGORI – Elise’s family tree

In the beginning, there was God and he made the heavens and the earth and somewhere in there, when he got lonely, the angels and Adam and Eve. That didn’t end well for him. After the snake talked Eve into eating the apple, God kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden. Somewhere in this mess, he assigned angels to watch over things on Earth. They were called Watchers which is Grigori in Greek. 

When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: "My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years." At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

— Genesis 6:1-4

In the book of Enoch, which isn’t canon for most Christian religions, two hundred “bad” Grigori decided to take a vote on whether or not they should take wives of the daughter of men. The vote passed and the Watchers went down and married some unknown number of women (this was a time of multiple wives.)  The women borne them half-angel children known as Nephilim. These were usually considered monsters, but some were superhuman geniuses that went on to teach humans things like metal working and how to navigate via the stars.  The list in the book of Enoch is actually quite extensive what the Nephilim taught the humans. Apparently, the tree of wisdom only gave knowledge of sex and shame. 

Anyhoo, for the two hundred angels to get at least two hundred wives and still leave some humans to be pure blood, it had to be several generations after Adam and Eve started to have kids. Being that the first humans supposedly lived for hundreds of years, it’s possible that they had hundreds of kids a generation. The Bible claims that there were only ten generations to Noah. If you start out with two people and second generation was only three sons and “other sons and daughters,” when do you have a population that allows two hundred strangers show up and take wives, perhaps multiple wives?  It’s hard to say when exactly the angels started to sleep with humans. The generation before Noah? Two generations? At some point, though, God had had enough of all this disobedience, advance science and monster children. In the time of Noah, he decided to do the great flood and get rid of all.

Personally, I think that the human race did live through an era of great flooding. If you study geology, there’s been periods of time when ice formation and ice melt triggered massive changes where water lay. Many cultures across the world have great flood stories. Consider the Great Lakes which were all made by glacial runoff in the course of a very short period of time, geologically. 

Somewhere in all this mess, some of the Grigori were spared. They weren’t on the ark. I’m not sure where they were. They saw Noah building his ark and figured they could hike to safety faster. Or they built their own boat, they were the source of all technology. They might have even had oars or sails or steam engines. I’m saying that they couldn’t have escaped if God didn’t want them to, so this is the point where the Grigori pact comes in.  God gave them the duty to use their superhuman abilities not in making forbidden advances in science but in killing off monsters.

These are the two most likely candidates to head up the first of the Grigori:

Azazel taught men to make knives, swords, shields, and how to devise ornaments and cosmetics.

Gadreel (or Gader'el) taught the art of cosmetics, the use of weapons and killing blows.

(I find it odd that the two "battle" angels also were into cosmetics)

Mount Ararat is the one of the top fifty tallest mountains in the world, and one of the tallest in the middle east region. It would put Noah landing in Turkey and the Jewish people needing to work their way back to the Holy Land through generations following the Tower of Babel.

Nine generations after Noah, Abraham’s father Terah was born. He was said to worship “other gods” and it was Abraham that founded the Jewish religion. It means that the Grigori's religion is older but shares enough of the foundation that they’ve cherry picked some of the Old Testaments to as “truth.” 

I decided that, like the tribes of Israel, the Girgori have tribes scattered about the world. The tribes are slightly nomadic as they’ve drifted from country to country over time. Elise is from the “East Coast Tribe” but I’m looking for a better name for them. They would have come over shortly after the werewolves started to claim territories. They first settled in Philadelphia. The city still operates as their central base. 

Each tribe is ruled by an elder. In the East Coast Tribe, the elder used to be Elise great-grandmother. She had inherited the position from her father. Decker came as part her inheritance. She had several children, the eldest being Saul. She died when Saul was in his 20s. His younger sister blamed Decker and wanted to destroy him. At that point Saul also made the mistake of telling Decker’s staff that he was a vampire, thinking he was protecting the staff from the monsters that might come hunting Decker. Instead it led to Decker’s house being burnt down. He decided to move Decker to Boston. He was unsure that he was fit to take over for his mother as Elder since he felt like he was making lots of mistakes. 

The positon of Elder fell to Saul’s third cousin, Emelina. She saw it her duty to reproduce as much as possible with the strongest member of the tribe, even though that meant she needed to marry her third cousin to carry that plan out. Saul was bisexual, leaning hard toward gay, but also saw it as a God-given directive to have as many kids with his wife as possible. 

Since all the Grigori take the last name of Grigori, they use first and middle names to identify people. They seek out uncommon names that haven’t been used during the current generation or the ones immediately preceding it. The East Coast Tribe had originally been from France/Germany area, so their names tend to hark back to that region. If and when the characters meet anyone from another tribe, those characters will have first names that denote a different regional influence. 

I'm not going to detail out a full family tree as I might change my mind later.  This information isn't canon.  Nothing is canon until it sees print in a novel.

Agneta Grigori – born 1900. She inherited Decker from her father. She died in 1949. She had six children, the oldest Saul and youngest, Elise’s great aunt, Solange.

Saul – 28 in 1950. 

Celsa – sister 26

Edelina – sister 24

Luciana –sister 22

Tyonius – brother 20

Solange – Saul’s youngest sister, 18 in 1950 when Agneta was killed. Solange has sons and daughters and many grandchildren. She is currently 86.

Cade – Elise's male cousin killed by the Wickers was Solange’s grandson.

I’m not sure when Saul died. I wanted him to die young but made the mistake that Clarice talks as if she knew him when she was young. Since Clarice is like 22-24, it’s unlikely that Saul died in the 80s like I imagined. He lived long enough that he introduced Elise’s mother to Decker. She did the same cycle as Elise of loving Decker, then seeing him as a monster, and then flipped around to loving him again.

Emelina Grigori is the current Elder and Elise’s grandmother. She was younger than Saul when she married him. She is currently 90. While she’s healthy, she’s not expected to live much past a hundred (although rumors have it that old Grigori can live for very long time.) She had four daughters and two sons via Saul. She has always been disappointed that she didn’t have more. They married in the 1950s, so the children would have been born late 50s, early 60s.   

Son 1959

Daughter 1961

Daughter 1963

Petronilla 1965-- Clarice’s Mother -- Clarice 24 & Lisette 21

Nicholaus 1967-- Francis’ Father -- Theo 23 & Francis 20

Elise’s Mother 1969 – she died young, killed in breech that killed Seth’s parents – Elise 22 which means she was born 1998. I think that Elise’s mother went off and got knocked up by some distant tribe in order to satisfy the entire “have a kid” without being tied down by a guy. I gave her several different names, I’m not sure which one actually made the final cut.

I'm not sure how Aurore fits into the family.  She's the other East Coast-based Power.  She lives somewhere in New Jersey or Delaware.  She's far enough from New York City and Philadelphia that she's not a danger to those areas but could be called in to "protect" them if needed.  She might be one of Saul's niece and thus first cousin to Elise's mother.