[Discussion] Devil is in the details
I'm from Pittsburgh.  You probably know that.  What you may not know is for some odd reason, Pittsburgh has a LOT of 24/7 stores.  I've been told -- not sure if its true -- its because of the steel mills created lots of work that work night shifts.  Maybe because we always could run out for stuff any period of time, we were in the habit of doing so.  I don't know.

This is true for places like Oakland and the far flung neighborhoods like Cranberry.    

I didn't realize how weird this was until I moved away.  No place I've lived since then has late hours.  

When I wrote THE BLACK WOLVES OF BOSTON I research supermarkets around Decker's house on Garfield Street.  At the time, there were several large ones within a few blocks.  One -- I thought -- was 24 hours.  

I can't find it now.  I thought it was a Shaws.  I remember walking down the streets on Google Maps and discovering the cool mural.  I've found one store near Decker's today, but there's no sign of the mural.  I don't think its the store I used.

Which brings me to a problem.  I believe the store I used went out of business -- but I'm a just later than the last book.  The store has to be there.  The store that I can find is only open until midnight.  On reflection, the scene doesn't require it to be after midnight.  Things can get wierd earlier in New England since most people seem to go to bed at like 9 pm, which I've always found weird.

When I was growing up, we got at dawn but we didn't go to bed until 11:30.  In fact, instead of the 10 pm news that most cities had, we had 11 pm news.

I'm writing Boston, though, so I probably should change the time to earlier in the night...