Discussion Hour on Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression: Rights and Limitations
On 17 August we held another Global Human Rights Group Monthly Discussion Hour, this time on the topic of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. 

It was my birthday, and I have to admit that as the time approached I was asking myself why did I plan such a thing late at night on my own birthday? Afterwards, I think it went well, and I am really grateful for the participation from some of our Patreon patrons who joined us live for the chat and added some really interesting questions and perspectives. 

I'd love to hear your feedback if you get a chance to watch / listen. We're planning out the topics for the rest of the year, so would love to hear what issues you'd like us to address in these monthly chats -- if you have any ideas, feel free to add a comment on Patreon, or message me directly. We would love to ensure that we're addressing things that would be useful and interesting to you!

You can sign up to receive updates about the next sessions as they are held -- it's very easy to register on Crowdcast and then you'll be kept up to date: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/GHRG-Discussion/register  We've got a good number of regular registrants, so it seems like this discussion hour is worth continuing!