Discussion: MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy at BDYHAX 2018 w/ Saj Razvi & Michael Garfield
A bit of background on this conversation at last weekend's Body Hacking Conference about history-making psychedelic research and the new hope that we will be able to treat our epidemic of trauma – safely, legally, and effectively – within the next few years:

I met the extraordinary human and somatic psychotherapist Saj Razvi in 2015 while playing music for a MAPS psychedelic science benefit dinner at Aubrey Marcus' house.  

Saj was involved in the FDA-approved clinical trials exploring MDMA as an adjunct to psychotherapy for PTSD...and the results were astounding:  more than 500% as effective as existing pharmaceutical interventions, WITHOUT the side effects or the need to continue taking it forever.

I let him know that he could use my music in the clinical playlist they use for these studies, and to my delight discovered last April that in fact they had.
(You can listen to a few of those tracks here while I continue working on MAPS to release the full tracklists for all three trials.)

Got to do it all again this year and play another MAPS fundraiser for the final, Phase 3 clinical studies.  What a thrill it was to hear MAPS founder Rick Doblin talk about his 30-year history of lobbying for MDMA and to see how near we are to realizing his vision for a more loving, centered, and un-suffering world!

Trauma touches all of us – but we are lucky to be in the generation that will see these awesome treatments see the light of day.

Enjoy this talk with Saj and the Body Hacking Conference attendees (courtesy of fellow BDYHAX presenter and repeat Future Fossils Podcast guest David Krantz).

MAPS has been offered a generous $4M matching grant from the Pineapple Fund to complete this research – donate any time between now and March 10th and your contribution will be doubled, helping pave the way for MDMA to be a legal therapeutic aid across the planet!

My Patreon supporters at the $5 level and up will get the full recording of my live instrumental electroacoustic guitar set from the MAPS fundraiser dinner this month, in addition to a lot of other digital exclusives.

Thank you and enjoy!

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