Disney, Indiana 201 - It's all Happening at the Zoo

Disney, Indiana episode 201 is out.

It’s time for the annual – well, maybe the first (and likely last) – Disney, Indiana stockholder meeting. After the business section of the meeting is done (including

voting down a shareholder motion), our hosts Tracey and Scott move on to the fun part of the episode. They review their trip to Chicago to attend the Disney Stockholder meeting and a D23 sneak preview of Disney’s newest film Zootopia. They’ll also look at the production of that film and share their thoughts after watching. Then they spend a little time with the stars of Zootopia within Disney Infinity as they review the new Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde figures. They’ll wrap up the show by checking on the Mortis at the Main Street Cinema, cover a bit of feedback and look ahead to the next episode.

Listen at http://disneyindiana.com/?p=3342