Disorganization, and Platoon Damage
Platoon are large 2x1 square counters that represent groups of infantry of 20 to 30 men. Due to their size and fire power these units while still infantry feature the GREY armor shields normally found on Heroes System  tanks and armored vehicles. Platoon counters like all counters are double sided with the front depicting a combat ready unit, and the reverse showing a disorganized unit.

Most platoons will have two weapons, a primary weapon, likely their muskets, and a secondary weapon for melee charges, for example: bayonets.

When resolving combat with a platoon follow all the standard Heroes System rules for combat, along with the following rules for applying damage to a platoon.

When a platoon suffers damage the attacker rolls one die and puts the appropriate marker on the damaged platoon.

1-2 The "body" of the platoon is wounded (place a wound token on the platoon), -2 to any combat value. A platoon is eliminated after receiving a second wound token.

3-5 The platoon has become Disorganized (see disorganization below), and flip the platoon counter to it's disorganize side.

6+  The platoon is wiped out remove it from the board.


When a platoon becomes disorganized it looses all ability to receive orders.  This means disorganized platoons my not act during the action phase. They may still defend themselves if attacked. But their combat abilities are greatly reduced.

If a disorganized platoon suffers any damage or would become disorganized a second time, it is eliminated from the game.

Disorganized platoons may still move during the supply phase, and some will actually have increased movement vales when compared to their standard version.

Rally and Consolidate abilities.

Rally:  Is a hero ability the allows a hero adjacent to a disorganized platoon to "reorganize" it, and return it to a front side up position. Note: rallying a platoon does not remove any previous "body" damage.

Consolidate: Is an ability the allows an adjacent hero or officer with the ability to merge two disorganized platoons in to one platoon. Remove one platoon from play return the remaining platoon to its front side up position, and remove and damage marker on it. 

That's if for now, and that just about covers all the rules for platoons. I look forward to any questions or suggestions. Happy holidays.

Next post will look as some more 1776 abilities, or cavalry. Note; no current time table for the next post.