Last night I got a nap after eleven which the dog interrupted around two; my wife was late, and it was close to three by the time she got home and we had dinner.  I had washed up most of the dishes earlier, but of course there were those we used for ourselves so I had a bit of cleanup to do before getting to bed again close to seven this morning, and for some reason I was unable to sleep past ten.  Thus here it is just after noon and most of what I must do today is finished.  Maybe I'll tackle the e-mail--but there are complications ahead.  It seems I have a doctor appointment at quarter of nine tomorrow morning, and my wife has to be at work from three this afternoon until eight thirty tomorrow and cannot possibly get home and get me to the appointment.  So I will be driving her to work and retrieving her in the morning so I can go directly to the appointment on time.  Hopefully I can get myself settled with sufficient sleep for that, and keep everything else oriented to something.

Today's upload is Old Verses New:  Chapter 46, Kondor 57, in which Joe finds himself on display.  Yes, that's an interesting way to put it; I hope you enjoy it.