DIVERSITY- Motivational Video
Motivational video to help you motivate yourself to be the change you want to see in the world, by using the concepts of positivity, love, and diversity. Diversity is the foundation of an extraordinary life. What's going on in your life that you need to fight through with a diverse mind? Leave a comment below.

Song credits: Last Dawn- FL Studio and Edirol Orchestral


Do you ever wake up and think nothin’s working, I’m not deservin’, I don’t have a purpose?

In the deep dead of winter you are consumed by your thoughts, struggling to find who you are and who you are not

Seeing everyone around you enjoying life while you are alone, stuck in the midst of the deepest depression ever known

It only takes a little motivation to set ablaze a fire, our hearts greatest desire, to make the change we want to see, and transforming ourselves into who we want to be

Fight through the pain, to achieve your greatest gain, it’s a way to stay in your favorite game at finding the change you want to make to stimulate your brain to be the same person you have always craved.

Stop telling yourself you’re not worth it, and stop listening to what others think about you, because it has no purpose. You listen to them, your life becomes filled with doubt and fear, and you will never get to push through the pain to find the things your heart draws near.

It doesn’t matter if you’re too ugly, lazy, poor, etc., you can do this. Always take time to reflect on the day, but don’t let yourself be consumed by your thoughts. Lying to you about who you are and who you’re not.

Pain is inevitable, and in life you have to learn to dance in the rain. Life’s greatest gifts are achieved by stepping outside of your comfort zone, and letting your own mind be consumed by new ideas, new perspectives, new views of the world, to make your mind more 3-D.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought through his pain with peace. He demonstrated no amount of anger coming from inside, but rather took his pain to ignite what the world would call one of the greatest movements to be. He fought minute by minute his entire life to change African American history.

Thomas Edison failed 9,999 times until success. Fought through his own pain even in the worst of times, when he thought what he dedicated his whole life to was never right.

All of these examples, at least in my beliefs, lead back to Jesus Christ. He took so much suffering for the world and pain that no one will ever live to see the day, of what he faced in his trials and dismay.

When you think your pain is terrible, think to the pain Jesus faced, and then contemplate, how much should I be worrying about the small trials in my life compared to the large trials in His?

I’m nothing but an insignificant microscopic tiny speck of gray, in a universe full of color, but Jesus still loves me the same?