Since Old Verses New; Chapter 144, Hastings 90 is a chapter number evenly divisible by nine, tomorrow will bring the behind-the-writings post.  Tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving (in the United States), so my time will be divided between assisting with the festivities and doing whatever work I do here--and sleeping.  My wife is working tonight and tomorrow night, and I am driving both ways both days, I think.

Today was rather scattered, too.  I did a bit of work--I'm pulling that web log post about racism together a bit at a time--but I also had to deal with trash and groceries, and work around my son taking the car to fix the brakes.  I am not sure whether I got very little done or actually got a lot of little things done--but the brakes are good on the car with the good gas mileage, now all I have to do is figure out the little problems like a headlight that is not burned out but is very dim despite having had the bulb replaced.

So the unanswered question is when I'm going to sleep, but the answer is that I'm going to do so in fragments here and there.

Oh--Lauren has another meeting or maybe date with Raeph.