Divinational Self Portrait
Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our second to last painting assignment this semester was to work on incorporating three dimensional objects into our painting.  I decided that I would go through my old things and see if anything inspired me.  When I came across a tarot deck I'd kept in storage since I was 15 and a chinese fortune cookie that I opened when I was 18, I decided to use them both.

The result is what I've entitled, "Divinational Self Portrait".

This is a picture of the finished piece.  I shuffled and laid out the cards, like a real tarot reading, and my first card, the Signifactor, was completely blank.  It represents the person being read.  I thought that was pretty awesome, so the hand is holding it, with my name, as it was a general reading for myself.  After I placed the cards, as they'd appeared, I painted my hand as I would  for doing a palm reading.  The three dimensional hand holding the card has my prominent freckles and I also painted a replica of my watch and ring on it.

I'm quite pleased with the way the piece turned out, though I'm still considering if I want to go through and write out what any of it means.  I kind of like the mystery.  And since the tarot book is right there, the truly curious could always look it up.

I actually have an 'x' at the base of my fate line, and I loved the idea of putting the fortune cookie on my fate line, especially as it reads, "Trust your intuition.  The universe is guiding your life."

This was one of my absolute favorite pieces from class this semester.