Divinatory Drawing, November 18th, 2016
I enjoy these drawings, but to a certain extent I've been frustrated with them lately.  I would prefer to start them earlier in the day, but my waking daylight hours are currently devoted to getting things in order at my stepmother's house, and that's made it so that I end up starting these late at night.  Mind you, I enjoy drawing all night (I am quite nocturnal, after all), but posting these this late in the morning feels... off, somehow.  Not quite sure how I wish to reset the timeline - I may need to skip a day and start the day's drawing just after midnight.  We'll see.  I'd like to be able to get two drawings done in a day and then move into the morning drawing mode, but thus far managing two of these in a day has eluded me.

I suspect that this one isn't quite finished yet either.  There's something about it that I'm not happy with (the lack of steam in the interaction between fire and water might have something to do with it), but after the previous drawing's alteration and my mixed feelings about that, I think I need to sleep on this one before I monkey with it any further.

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