Divinatory Drawing, November 20th, 2016
I'm not particularly happy with how this drawing came out, mostly because I had a REALLY rough time portraying the lion's face at that angle, and despite my best efforts he came out looking like a leonine version of Grumpy Cat.  That said, I am happy that I managed to get a second drawing done in 24 hours, while playing around with the texturing capacity of a dying Micron pen.

I'm also interested to see how working on these drawings in the early morning hours will work as a tone-setter for the day, and if it will change how I approach the intuitive side of the puzzle.  

This morning I began adding my divinatory drawings to my portfolio in RedBubble, and I hope to be adding to that regularly in addition to posting art here.   I won't be putting all of them up there, mainly because I want to focus on the pieces that will translate well into the physical objects that RedBubble makes available to purchase.  And to start out with I'm listing them without their dates and astrological notations, to better integrate with the objects' design.  I will make prints of the original designs with notations available, once I figure out the best way to distinguish between the two.