Divinatory Drawing, November 27th, 2016
Today's drawing pulls in another herbal correspondence, that of the flower gentian with the planet Mars, which figures in today's astrological alignments both directly through a Moon/Mars square and indirectly through the rulership of both Aries and Scorpio, with the latter being involved in all of today's aspects via the Moon.

Moods may be a bit off-kilter early in the day due to the challenge of a square aspect between the Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio and Mars in freedom-loving and socially-conscious Aquarius.  With the Moon governing our instincts and emotions and Mars governing our drive and aggression, this combination is not one to take lightly, though being a lunar aspect it will not last for long.  That said, since Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio it may add fuel to the intensity of the Moon throughout the day, especially with the Moon/Mars square being followed shortly thereafter by a Moon/Pluto sextile.  The sextile being a harmonious aspect suggests that the intensity amped up in the Moon/Mars square can be put to good use later in the day, as Pluto is the modern transcendental ruler of Scorpio and governs control and transformation.  There is a strong potential for us to harness the power of deep emotions to effect positive transformation in our lives, particularly with regard to relationships as a result of the Moon/Venus sextile following shortly after the Moon/Pluto interaction.  

With the Moon/Venus sextile marking the beginning of a 23-hour void-of-course period, that transformation may need to operate through wrapping up unfinished business, or simply giving ourselves time to let the subconscious process the experiences of the day and work with any new information resulting from those experiences.  Keep in mind that since the Moon is connected to the subconscious rather than consciousness, it is likely that most of these dynamics will play out in the background of the day, with few of us actually aware of the driving forces behind our shifts in mood and reactions.  That said, we may find it difficult to sit on our hands by evening, as the Moon inconjuncts Uranus in Aries, which, like Scorpio, is ruled by Mars.  Thus, the day comes back around again to a certain degree of martial energy, and a need for activity, but with the difficulty in understanding inherent in the inconjunct, it may be hard to reconcile our emotions with our need for change.  On the plus side, of all the possible inconjuncts this is one of two with the greatest potential for understanding due to the mutual Mars rulership between the signs involved (the other being Taurus/Libra, both ruled by Venus).  Chances are, the evening calls for some kind of physical activity to satisfy the need for action and change, and if it is the kind of action such as exercise that allows for the mind and heart to be in a meditative state while the body is busy, so much the better. 

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