Divinatory Drawing, November 29th, 2016
After yesterday's drawing getting derailed by the flu and a certain amount of frustration with my process and reference materials, I really wasn't certain if I could come up with something for today's New Moon in Sagittarius.  

I've been frustrated in general with these daily drawings lately.  While I often enjoy them, they take a lot more time than I would like, and that takes away from my ability to work on other projects.  The myriad drawings based on dreams and personal myth-making, for example, so many of which are currently languishing waiting for ink and/or colour.  Photograph and design experiments, fiber arts, dance, music - when I am in my best creative rhythm, I flow from one to the other in short succession.  Limiting myself to working on these drawing only is not doing my work or my audience any favors.  

So, after some discussion of the subject with a friend, I decided that it would make more sense for me to create these drawings for days that I consider significant, like the four Lunar quarters, the major Solar holidays, and any other particular aspect that leaps out and inspires me.  That way, you all get what my creative consciousness is most interested in and likely to make the best expression of, and I get the creative fuel that I need.

It's appropriate that I made this decision right before doing this drawing.  All New Moons give the opportunity for a new beginning, but this one in particular gives the impression of a doorway and a strong impetus to make a choice, but potential confusion and uncertainty as to which way to go.  There is a need to allow ourselves to hover in that doorway for a bit, tasting the  fantasy and illusion of the moment (thanks to Moon square Neptune), and rather than being deluded by it be inspired by it.  

Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries, both at 20 degrees.  This puts transiting Venus almost exactly conjunct my natal Venus, and closely conjunct my natal Sun and Mercury, all of which are therefore also squaring transiting Uranus.  My natal Uranus is strong in my chart anyway thanks to a conjunction with my Ascendant in Libra (ruled by Venus) and opposition to my natal Moon and Chiron, and given my high degree of kinasthesia resulting from Chiron being very prominently aspected in my chart, in tandem with the Uranian emphasis in the heavens right now there's a lot of intense electrical feeling that's been coursing through me, strong enough to make me feel a bit charred in places.  Chances are I'm not the only one.   An earthy, physical Capricorn Venus square fiery, driven Uranus in Aries may make our affections and pleasures today somewhat erratic, electric, unusual, disruptive, and instructive.  Trust me, I know these two...  ;)

We may feel like thoroughbreds endlessly waiting for the race to start, but this New Moon asks us to spend time with our instincts and awareness here, learning to really understand our own illusions and values and drive, before we set all of that loose upon the world in pursuit of that course which upholds our best truth.