Divinatory Drawing, February 4th, 2017
So, I was hoping to get this done before midnight, but even when I simplify the lines on these things, they always seem to take forever.  However, I decided to post it anyway on the principle that if I haven't gone to bed yet, the day hasn't ended.  ;)

The astrological activity that this drawing is based on is documented in my astrology blog post for the day.  It may seem odd that I chose a thicker line on this one, given the evening's augury for a more light-hearted approach.  However, I wasn't really happy with the extra-fine and light lines that I used in my last divinatory drawing, and since I'm still trying to pare these down into something more manageable than my usual art-for-the-anally-retentive style, the next best option was to go for a thicker line.  

I'm actually very happy with this one.  The thicker line takes more time than one might think, because it actually involves retracing the original line repeatedly, mostly because I do not have a particularly steady hand - never have, really, but it's been getting worse in recent years, keeping me mindful that my window of opportunity to work in this style is limited.  But I digress...  The thicker line helps to hide a multitude of sins caused by that shaky hand, and makes for a bolder image.  It also makes a less busy drawing more attention-grabbing than a similar drawing with a thinner line, so I'm likely to do more of these in the future.  This doesn't mean that I won't ever again work in the more crowded style of my previous divinatory drawings, but for now I think I want to play with this style for a while, and be more design-focused rather than getting caught up in endless cross-hatching...