Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies March 7 2018
Hey guys, my goal was to do a quick 7 card reading for the collective energies between the divine feminine and divine masculine.  Well, it didn't turn out that way, as my readings generally give me more than what I bargained for. This goes for my own readings relating to my journey,  private readings and these collective energy readings.  So, here we have a 13 card reading, divine masculine left,  divine feminine, right,  shared energy middle and underlying Energy card at the bottom of the deck as the. 

I asked what was in the Divine Masculine's emotional space.  I received both THIS COULD BE THE ONE and CHILDREN.

" He" knows that he has already met the romantic partner he seeks.  He is thinking in his mind that you are the one,  divine feminine.  Throughout his life,  he was looking for that fit, that match, that love, searching outside himself for the "one". Entering relationships,  marriages, with the intent of love, happiness,  happy family life. We all want love.  These were the "incorrect " choices. He knew,  even before you came into his life that there was something missing, that something wasn't quite right, but couldn't put his finger on it. You stirred something within him, making him realize and awaken to the revelation that you could be the one.

His situation is being affected by children.  There are decisions that are needed to be made by the divine masculine.  Children shared with karmic partners,  children of the divine feminine. In his minds eye this is a barrier, a concern. With separation comes custody issues,  legal battles, parenting concerns,  living arrangements,  child support, taking on the divine feminine's children  Remember,  both are in his Emotional space  

In his mental space, I got RELEASE YOUR EX. Since the issue involving children is in his emotional space,  it is safe to say that what he is releasing is his karmic partner, needing to take the steps towards separation, knowing that his situation is no longer serving him, that his divine feminine is the one he belongs with and wants to be with. He can't be over "There" if he is tied ip and stuck "here". There needs to be a decision  to release and move forward.  

In his physical space,  we have unrequitted love.  Two things I'm getting.  One..He knows that the situation he chose to be in isn't what he had planned or expected. The time has come to end his karmic situation and move towards his divine feminine.  He is drawn to his divine feminine. She is like no other,  nothing He has ever known,  expected or experienced in his life.  He knows where his joy and fulfillment lies and  that's with his divine feminine .
Two..He fears losing his divine feminine because of all that has occurred up until now.  He fears he took too long to move toward the divine feminine and she has moved on and will not accept his offer of love and reconciliation. 

In the divine feminine emotional space I got ROMANTIC FEELINGS. Your feelings are real and worth exploring.  YES.  Divine Feminine.  If you are doubting this connection,  doubt no more. Your feelings are REAL, listen to your heart, and your inner voice.  This is your meant to be.  Your Divine plan.  Let it unfold. 

In your mental space,  I got TRUE LOVE (confirmation yet again) and ATTRACTION. YES. This is a TRUE LOVE , a PURE love,  a DIVINE LOVE.  Blessed,  anointed,  divine,  watched over by the Heavens. Stay in your POWER divine feminine.  Stay in the moment.  Love yourself,  everything and everyone. Stay positive,  use the law of attraction,  be your true authentic self. It's ATTRACTIVE and is ATTRACTIVE to your divine masculine. 

In your physical space I got CALLING IN YOUR SOULMATE and DECEPTION. 

CALLING IN YOUR SOULMATE plays off the ATTRACTION card.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Visualize,  write and speak affirmations,  use the law of attraction and keep your vibration high. You WILL come together with your beloved when the timing is right,  once you have BOTH released and HEALED,  when you are both in energetic alignment and your energies are balanced.  For DECEPTION,  divine feminine  and I can attest to this,  you are wearing a mask that you so desperately want to remove.  You want to be able to fully  open up to the Divine Masculine.  You want to fully express your TRUTH,  your true feelings,  your journey up until now.  You want to be able to give and receive love freely.  You want this to come into fruition,  to move forward.  Don't worry,  it WILL happen..in divine timing. 

2 cards came out together for the shared energy between both.  Union,  reconciliation,  happiness,  completion,  coming together.  All is well and as it needs to be. Trust in the divine plan,  surrender to the ebbs and flows.  It's happening. Unions are happening,  and are coming for those of you reading this.

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Love and Light