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DIY: e-Cymbal Trigger Made From Junk!
If you need an extra e-cymbal for your drum kit, or want one to use independently as a trigger then my latest DIY video is for you! I wanted a second crash cymbal for my electronic drum kit. I made this e-cymbal trigger from an old frisbee, a piezo sensor and some junk laying around. Cost me about $2, and took me about 20 minutes, not including some paint & glue drying time.

This is the 4th e-cymbal trigger I've made and this one is by far the best as far as the functionality goes. It plays really well, and the sensitivity is perfect! The downside on each one has been that eventually the plastic frisbee cracks and the cymbal falls apart. I'm sure using something made out of a harder rubber would work better and last longer. If someone has an idea for something else that could be used for the body of the cymbal, please let me know in the comments.

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If you've ever built a trigger using a piezo please comment and let me know how you made it and email me a picture: [email protected]

Special thanks to James on the Island for giving me some of his old power tools I used in this video!

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