DIY Exfoliating Coffee Face Scrub :)
I don't remember when my mom first bought the drug store's apricot seed exfoliating scrub for general household use, but that changed my life. I loved having a gentle exfoliating scrub to cleanse my skin with. My skin has always tended to be oily and skin cells easily build up for whatever reason so having an exfoliating scrub makes all the difference for me personally.

As I got older, I didn't want to buy the drug store products because they were expensive and later, my reasons were because the ingredients weren't as exhilaratingly healthy as the packaging made it seem. But to shop at higher end places like Whole Foods (did Lush even exist ten years ago?) meant paying out way more money than I had on hand to dedicate to such things.

Eventually, after reading labels for so long and doing my own research on what the ingredients in things were or are, I found that I could easily make most of these things myself! Even better, I could make these things with kitchen items that are inexpensive and almost always on hand in some capacity.

There is and was a degree of guilt taking perfectly edible food and smearing it on my body to wash off in the shower. It seems really wasteful when people are starving but for this recipe I actually don't feel guilty because: I'm already drinking the coffee! I can use the grounds from my morning coffee and make a scrub that will last me through the week at least! I can make the scrub to order (for myself)!

For this scrub, I used clay but you could just as easily leave it out. The clay was my attempt at making this like the Lush Cosmetics coffee scrub that I've never actually tried. It just seemed like a good idea to approximate their recipe. If I had crystallized honey, I could have used that instead of sugar and that would have next leveled this shit so hard. If I cared about the smell some lavender or other essential oil would have been great but none of these things are essential (pun!) though they're lovely extras. :)

Here's the recipe:

1/2 cup coffee grinds

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil


- 1 teaspoon cinnamon or ground vanilla

- 1 teaspoon clay

- 2-3 drops essential oil

1. Combine everything together and mix with a whisk or fork until mostly incorporated (some chunks are okay but you want to make sure the oil is well blended.)

2. Store in an airtight container and enjoy for up to 1 week.

If you refrigerate, your scrub will probably last longer though the coconut oil will harden in the fridge. So if you know you'll want to refrigerate, use a different oil like jojoba, olive, or sesame.

I wish I had used liquified coconut oil but I used it solid and it took me longer to blend. I'd recommend melting it first for ease of incorporation.

Some essential oil recommendations: lavender, rose, vanilla, mint.

Coconut oil is very moisturizing for your skin. Sugar helps pull moisture into your skin. Clay pulls toxins from your skin but can be drying so be mindful of how much and frequently you use it. Coffee is said to be anti aging and is certainly astringent which helps with pores and cleansing. Granular scrubs help slough off dead skin as well.

This recipe was so easy- I think I will be using it regularly. Not to mention I used some immediately after scraping the bowl to store the rest and my skin still feels divine four hours later!

Truly, easy, beautifying, kitchen wisdom! Enjoy!

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