The DIY NAS: 2018 Edition has a Major Problem!
The DIY NAS: 2018 Edition has a major problem and I need your help!

If you're my Patreon, you're probably already aware of which motherboard that I've picked out.  If you're not  Patron,  I just opened that list to the public:

This past weekend, I was working with the DIY NAS: 2018 edition and trying to record some videos of the various steps I go through to create some videos, animated gifs, and whatnot for the blog and the CPU overheated,  a couple times.

The past two days, I've been talking to SuperMicro's support,  and they've basically said the motherboard was intended to sit in a 1U case with some air ducts and big noisy fans pushing air across the CPU's heatsink.

Supermicro's support (so far this is ongoing) has been great,  they are willing to RMA the motherboard and put an heatsink with a fan on it on the motherboard for me.  They even gave me the part number for that heatsink and fan.  But they did warn me -- any attempt to replace the heat sink by myself would void the warranty.

If this were my NAS, I'd 3D  design & print an adapter or I'd zip tie something to the fan,  or some other DIY solution that'd save me the time and headache of the RMA.

But this isn't my NAS,  this is a NAS that I'm intending to recommend to you all to build yourself. I don't think it is prudent to suggest that you void your warranty,  or buy something that you have to immediately turn around and send back to the RMA department to replace the heatsink on. And at its price tag,  I don't think anyone should have to monkey around with the heatsink and fan.

It's beginning to seem to me that this might not be the best motherboard for this year's NAS after all This is a tremendous setback--I'm incredibly disappointed.    I can almost guarantee that each of these options will mean there'll be no DIY NAS in 2018. :(

I've been kicking around a few options and I'd like for all of you to weigh in.  Here's what I've been mulling over.

Pick a new motherboard, start over from the beginning!

3D design and print an adapter to fit a fan on the stock heatsink and then sell it on Tindie

Buy the Supermicro Heatsink & Fan, but void the warranty by installing it yourself.

Buy the Supermicro Heatsink & Fan, but RMA the motherboard to preserve the

Something Else (Elaborate in the comments, please!)

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