DMC3 as Habitual Game (+ long overdue updates)
Hey guys. Obviously its been a while since a new Critical Switch, I hope I've kept you all entertained with new episodes of Smarrcade. Actually,, it's been a while since I updated this Patreon, which I forgot to do. If you're a patron and you only ever check the patreon for new stuff rather than my twitter, good news! There's a lot of stuff for you to check out!

I won't lie to you: I got into a relationship that seemed like it was going really well and then got my heart broken, and frankly I've had less motivation to do any work than at any other time since I started writing Haptic Feedback in the summer of 2013. That being said, I have every intention of reclaiming the back half of 2016 and refocusing my efforts towards stronger episodes of Critical Switch, more freelance articles, and, god willing, putting out the Final Fantasy VII book by my birthday next year.

In this difficult time I'd like to thank, as always, the other members of the Shade Association, especially Solon, Zolani, and Heather, for helping me get through. I'll also be posting an update on the book here.