DM's Guild - At What Cost?
Listen... No one on earth values me less than myself. So i'm having a hard time deciding if I should be charging for the content I'm posting to DM's Guild (such as my BRAND NEW AND FINISHED Sorcerer Spell Sheet.

Usually i put all my products up as "pay what you want" but some of them have been downloaded over 300 times and have made me $0.10. As always, i filter EVERY PENNY I make from this Patreon and the Dm's Guild back into the website, reviews, and to fund more projects in the future!

What do you guys think - should I be putting a price tag on these things, or should I be keeping it Tips-Only..... that's what ... they said? Idk. 

Leave it Pay what you Want - Tips!

It's worth some cash, just not too much.

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