DNA 1.5 Lucidity Video
Listen to the entire DNA 1.5 Lucidity soundscape (music is watermarked).

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What does it mean to be a human being transforming into a being of Light? As we release the ambiguities that once held our consciousness bound within an over-reaching negative spiral of descent throughout many lifetimes, we emerge more fully into new functional bodies of Light filled with unlimited possibilities and potentials. We choose to evolve from the angular landscapes built upon the lower frequencies which we have collectively and habitually engaged with for eons. We can now consciously intend – with the powerful energetic support of the DNA 1.5 Lucidity soundscape – to move into more enhanced and flowing realities with a new clarity of awareness. Thus, we build the foundation of our emerging 5th World declarations of Freedom with much greater strength and commitment. As the frequency template architects, guided by the higher spiritual visions and transmissions of these New World-views, it is vitally important that we intend well, with open minds and hearts and the most careful in-depth consideration of all facets and aspects of this profound evolutionary journey of our species.