DNA.L2 #1 Music Video
Listen to the entire DNA.L2 #1 soundscape (music is watermarked).

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There are 6 soundscapes in this DNA.L2 series.  This DNA.L2 (DNA Activation Level Two) adventure is for those souls who know they are here to assist humanity in their current evolutionary ascension process. This momentous cycle will span from 2012 to 2032 – a 20 year cycle of great power and potential for amazing works to be grounded and actualized on Planet Earth. Engaging in this level of the work means to fully embody the higher levels of Light while still in physical form. You are here to ground into tangible forms on 3D these higher principles and teachings that are pouring on to the planet from the central core of the Galactic Sun. You know you are here to manifest Heaven on Earth/5th World templates to the World Grid. It is to you we gift these sonic transmissions that will greatly assist you in accomplishing your Earth based missions throughout this cycle of time.

This is a deeper, more committed step into our Sonic Mystery School, one that has no rules, no dogmas or guidelines that you must follow - nothing to join, nothing to read or study - just ENGAGE deeper into Sound. You only need to extend yourself out into the multidimensional realms of Light and ask for the guidance you need to fully actualize your purpose and accomplish your mission parameters. The music acts as your guide on this journey, accessing portals and opening gateways as you need, leading you towards the connections you will need that manifest as synchronicity.