DnD Miniature Commission
So it's been a month and I haven't posted anything to Patreon yet, so here's my last project - a commission for a D'n'D miniature, to be printed by Shapeways in their high-detail resin material.  This is a provisional design, I'm still waiting for the client to get back to me and tell me what they think, but I thought it'd do for a quick update on what I've been doing recently.

This has been quite a new experience for me - so far most of my work has been for digital rendering.  The process of producing a working mesh for 3D printing runs fairly counter to my normal process, and was quite challenging to work through, especially because of the many ways Blender's boolean operations can fail, and the maddening search for that tiny sliver of overlapping geometry that's causing the entire thing to fall apart.  I'm also at the point where I'm seeing all the *other stuff* I could have added to make it extra swish (I had wanted to have some details like an amulet or necklace, some arm bands and possibly bracers at the wrists - but I was reaching my polygon limit and fast running out of patience with the model.  There could still be time to add a few more details, and I'll certainly be back with photos of the printed model.

So now we just need to wonder which project I'm going to pick up next...

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