Do what you can—and ONLY what you can
Watch this video. Major update on the MAGA MVMT group.

Also, let me make a request. Please do not donate what is not sustainable for you and your budget. I want to scale appropriately. I need y'all long term. 

Also, if you donate at a level with tangible benefits (like my phone number or a t-shirt, et al), your benefits kick in when your account is charged. Patrons are only charged on the 1st of every month per Patreon. So, if you become a pledged patron on the 2nd of a month, you're not charged for that month. Your benefits kick in the following month. That's when you become a patron of my work.

If you want to donate one-time directly, please reach out for a PayPal or Venmo link. I also take Bitcoin: 1ALB71YrtC4s66rWd1qZ2Fz2tt9Ly2urZZ

Let me know if you have any concerns, comments, or questions. 

Tomorrow, the MAGA MVMT team has its first conference call. We're purging and adding new people. Very exciting to watch it all come together. Special shout-out to Theo and Kyle. We have an HR team for the onboarding and vetting process now.