Do you care about orcas, oceans & the planet?
For the last few years I've dedicated my life to learning about the endangered Southern Resident orcas -- the famous whales living in the Salish Sea off the west coast of North America.

I've been researching a book and a documentary and I keep finding stories that need telling and people and whales who the world should know more about.

This week we launched our "Pod" cast on iTunes with three interviews.

- Dr. David Suzuki - Canada's most iconic environmentalist 

- Dr. Andrew Weaver - the world-renowned climate scientist currently running for Premier of British Columbia 

- Dyna Tuytel - the dynamic young lawyer from Ecojustice who's fighting to save the whales from the pipeline that could kill them. 

And as I type this we are ranked #4 on iTunes in the category of Natural Sciences -- trailing only Neil De Grasse Tyson, How Stuff Works and NPR. 

It would be fantastic if you'd contribute to the podcast here on Patreon, but it would be be even better if you subscribed to the podcast and spread the word about saving our orcas and our oceans. 

I know the Patreon community is full of people who care about the planet, so I know you're the perfect people to spread the word. As Paul Watson says, "if the oceans die, we die."


Mark Leiren-Young