Why is seafood part of the solar callus blog here on Patreon?  Simple biophysical reasons that were covered awfully in that blog years ago according to this paper in NATURE.  When you know better you do better.  Do you know this info?  

All aromatic amino acids have rings in them that absorb UV light radiation.  The picture above was from my talk in Vermont 2017 and while it is not clear here, the bottom amino acid is histidine.  When sunlight hits histidine, our skin makes urocanic acid that is a UV filter that protects us from erythema and skin damage by way of another chemical called Urocanic acid which has a massive array of histidine in it.  Seafood has a lot of histidine in it and it also creates massive amounts of urocanic acid in the skin.  Did you know this?  When you learn about this chemical in seafood you can use it to help regenerate many/ALL skin diseases with the help of DHA from seafood.  Why?  

DHA from seafood controls the inflammatory mediators of photooxidation to control the pH of the local environment.    I've known about it for some time.  I used it to build my own solar callus 15 years ago.  DHA under the power of sunlight becomes maresins, resolvins, and protectins that control how protons can operate in the skin.   Have you ever heard of the Bazan effect?  You might want to join my Patreon blog then.   

Urocanic acid comes in several isotopic and isomer forms.  This is important in the story of protons.  We have three hydrogen isotopes on Earth but biology favors two of them.  This is something the marketers from deuterium depletion centers never tell you because they know diddly squat about light and biophysics.  They know a very small part of the story of how we work in total.  Be wary of who you are letting pack your parachute.   YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THAT SOLAR ALLUS BLOG ON PATREON ASAP.  

To understand how the two isomers of urocanic acid are linked to protons you need to positive charges and the electromagnetic force.  This is important because light is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.  It only deals with charged particles.  This is something few biochemists take into account much less fully understand.   This includes the deuterium experts too............

For example, one isomer, trans-urocanic acid " appears to be a helpful HUMAN sunscreen of the skin" and the cis-version is linked to cancer progression and ROS formation in the skin in the dermatology literature.  I think this might be a false narrative.  Why do I say this?   What is the key to pH formation in humans in nature?  Sunlight creates a biophysical change in water in the skin in sunlight that differs when the light has a non terrestrial spectrum.  This is a big deal when you real how humans create their redox power as the picture below shows.  You must have your skin in the game.  

This difference changes the exclusion zone which excludes PROTONS!!! Maybe there is a deeper reason for how urocanic acid (UCA) really works with sunlight and not with man-made light?  

I've asked Gerry Pollack to redo his WATER experiments because of this one mitohack I did 15 years ago.  I think if he did he might put the sunscreen business out of business but so far he has declined.  He needs $$$$ to redo them.  How about some of you contact him and convince him to check out this effect.  It might help ALL OF MANKIND.      

The Black Swan who has been a member of my site has known for years that the pH of the local environment is controlled by the DHA content of the skin and brain and it is the key to which isomer forms to make urocanic acid.  This links it to the redox potential of the local tissue from how much water a mitochondrion makes from sunlight.  When you know better you do better.

You don't need DDW from any center, you need the wisdom of nature to make you wiser.  In a blue-lit 5G world evolution is going to favor the survival of the wisest and not the fittest...........

How wise are you experts given this OLD advice from me?



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