Dock's District and Alchemist's Lab
Greetings patrons! There are 2 new ambiences online for your listening pleasure: "Dock's District" is an homage to that wonderful RPG trope we all know and love. Whenever you need to see a man about a key or track down the thieve's guild, you know where to find them - in the dock's district. This track will work equally well in non-magical settings as it's all about people, gulls, wind and rigging. "Alchemist's Lab" started off with me doing some Foley recording of a mortar and pestle. I love the idea of an environment that’s equal parts science and magic. For the Alchemist of yore, explorations into either were fair game and indistinguishable. When one salt burned blue and another burned red, that was magical. The fact that we know why today doesn't make it any less so. ‘Alchemist’s Lab’ is an ambience of experimentation and the latent power of everyday things. I hope you find these useful additions, and as always, thank you for your support. best, Tim [email protected] Twitter: @TabletopAudio Facebook: