The Doctor
Also known as Asuvez to a selected few.  This is my character in the comic I am currently working on. The Adventures of Yargmates! He is a Voodoo Witch Doctor Pirate, and the Healer of the group. Yargmates is a comic based off the Iron Kingdoms Game play of a group of friends I play with. On his right side is the glowing green necklace of Dhunia, (a god within the game). and on he left is the VooDoo doll known as the Bones Doll. He looks a lot like Asuvez's adopted guardian, Bones. The psychotic doctor on the ship. He is both a mentor and a father figure to Asuvez. How did Asuvez get adopted by such a psycho path? Well You'll have to become a Patreon and read the comic to find out!