Doctor Legion - Sonics & Sabers - Episode 16
Sonics & Sabers
Ep. 16

Kenny Baker dies at at 81


Doctor who will reveal xmas special and series 10 info at NY comic-con
NY comic-con starts Oct-9

Jenna Coleman (clara) thinks that they made the right choice in choosing pearl mackie in the new companion role and is interested to see how it turns out. She also goes on to say that choosing a non-white actress for the role is a good choice, (not the first time,though.)

BBC sells rights to music to BMG
The BBC has sold the rights to theme tunes and music from hit shows including Idris Elba’s Luther, Doctor Who and Wolf Hall.

BMG, the music company with artists including David Bowie, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and Iron Maiden, has snapped up the potentially highly lucrative rights to more than 1,000 copyrights to theme tunes, background music and music cues in BBC shows.

BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, only looks to sell the music rights to shows once every five or so years when it has built a decent archive of music from more recent shows.

WAR doctor gets a nice upscale figure
Big Chief Studios has announced a new War Doctor 1:6 scale collector figure that features a fully authorized likeness of Hurt with many of the accessories that he had in Day of the Doctor. So, he’s got his sonic screwdriver, the laser rifle he confiscated from a Gallifreyan soldier, a few interchangeable hands, a light-up display base, and even “the Moment,” the doomsday weapon with a conscience that eventually took the form of Billy Piper‘s Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf. We only get the box here, but we’d love to see the Moment’s Bad Wolf in the future!

Doctor who could be shooting in Vancouver
According to various tweets the show is being revealed to shoot in Vancouver
Fans will recall the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie starring the eighth doctor Paul McGann was shot in Vancouver.And here's another Vancouver connection: Rachel Talalay, who has directed several episodes of the show, is an associate professor of theatre at UBC. Perhaps she's directing the shoot in Vancouver?

episodes directed...
Doctor Who (TV Series) (4 episodes)
- Hell Bent (2015)
- Heaven Sent (2015)
- Death in Heaven (2014)
- Dark Water (2014)

Kenobi a star wars story fan made trailer

star wars original sequel wasnt Empire
But before Empire, a very different second Star Wars movie was planned. Allows us to introduce you to Splinter of the Mind's Eye.

Splinter was an exercise in caution on Lucas's part. It was written by Alan Dean Foster, the author who was brought in to work on the novelisation of the first film, and was designed to be deliberately simple in its setting and scope. If A New Hope was a flop, it could be used as the basis for a low-budget sequel, and if it was a success (as it of course turned out to be), then Splinter of the Mind's Eye could be released as a novel to tide fans over until the next film.

ASSImovs Jedi
why the old republic was stronger than the new

Phantom menace pod race rips off ben hur