Documentation begins!
Time to start a documentation of my current projects! My current projects are a Dark Eldar Incubi, and Dark Eldar Archon from the Warhammer 40k universe. These cosplays will be for my Girlfriend (the archon) and I (the Incubi) for an upcoming convention in September! These cosplays will be done mostly in Worbla, with partial pieces done in EVA foam. Here's my piece I am most proud of thus far, the helmet for the Dark Eldar Incubi. It's my second ever cosplay, so I'm happy with the result and my progress thus far! This helmet was done with Worbla, using craft foam between two layers of Worbla for thickness as the base template. I also used a mannequin head with very similar dimensions to my own, so his helmet is a pretty snug fit. The contours of the front face plates were hand sculpted with left over scraps of worbla, which can be heated up into a clay like substance to make whatever you want! The horns were created with EVA foam, which was purchased from Lowe's, and is the same material yoga mats are made out of. Using a template, hot glue, a razor knife and a hand dremmel, they were cut, carved, and smoothed to the particular shape and angles I wanted. The ears were created with clay templates my girlfriend created, in order to impress Worbla into the recesses, which I then attached to the helmet. The ears are hollow pieces of Worbla, keeping it light enough while maintaining the shape once it's cooled down. Finally, the ribbing effect of the horns was done in the same way the face plate was, with thin pieces of worbla scraps you roll out much like dough with a rolling pin. While still hot, i placed the worbla at the particular angles, smoothed the edges with my fingers, and continued the method for each horn. Also note, as the core of these horns was EVA foam, I wrapped them in worbla to give them strength, which prevented them from being too heavy if they were pure Worbla.