Dodging Payments

I really hoped I wouldn't have to make a post like this but it seems I unfortunately have to :( It's 1 day before the end of the month and I've been seeing people cancelling their subs. Now you guys can cancel at anytime! That's totally ok I'm not forcing you to stay my patrons, not at all! If you can't afford it that month or you were just planning on doing it for one month that's totally ok and there's nothing wrong with cancelling. BUT, If I see you continuously cancelling at the end of the month and re subbing the next month to get the content but to avoid the payment I will start banning people. I don't want to ban people but I also don't want people taking content that other patrons are happily paying for cause that's just not fair to anyone. So please guys, just don't be shady! :3 lets all respect each other!

Sorry for being a downer! XP now we can get back to the fun stuff!