DOE Prologue - Part 5
So from here on out, I'm going to aim for Friday updates.  That said, today's update isn't technically done, but I'll post it with the incomplete picture anyways to stay on schedule.  I'll just have to add in the completed illustration later.


When he touched Ethereous, his powers were blocked and he was cut off from the others. He realized how calm he was. It was the outside that raged.

“We’ll take care of them,” Astral said into his ear, hand on his shoulder. “The others need you.”

He’d tuned out the chatter over the comms. When he released Ethereous, he felt their broiling panic, clenching chests, leaderless, down two members, what should they do? Hand shaking, he hit talk.


All it took was the familiarity of a simple command to sweep relief through the team. Static and Adamantine were bottlenecking reinforcements at the entrances. The target, a safe, had been located by Reaper and the others. An attack gone awry had caused damaged to the ship. Finally, the Society had radioed them, giving them their rendezvous point.

“What about the damage?” he asked.

“It’s not urgent,” Anyform said.

“And the safe is ready for transport?”


“Bring it to Link and Astral’s location.” Link hit her bracer to broadcast their location.  “Anyform and Astral will bring Ethereous and Quantum straight to Max. And Static?”

“Ready for your orders, Amp.”

“Reaper and I will join you on deck to help you and Adamantine fall back. Can you hold until we get there?”

“Yes, sir,” Static and Adamantine said in unison.

No one asked if Ethereous and Quantum would be okay. He didn’t have the strength to answer that anyways. He felt death so regularly, and Quantum was so close to that edge that the threat of losing her was tangible enough that he could almost reach out and touch it. It made him all the happier that he got nothing from Ethereous.

When he met Reaper, he didn’t ask how they were doing, even though Quantum was his sister. With a chill, Amp wondered if he’d already seen and tried to prevent their deaths, only to fail.

“The lower levels are clear,” Reaper said as they headed up. It was filler; Amp could already sense that they’d been cleared out.

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