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Does Modern Science Tear Down Christian Theology? w/ Bernie Dehler
Bernie Dehler is a former evangelical Christian preacher. After being an evangelical Christian for 25 years, he became an atheist. His reasons are primarily scientific and philosophical. As a Christian, he decided to study more science in order to debate atheists, and in so doing, came to see that the naturalistic worldview made much better sense of the world than did his religious worldview.

Bernie has been involved in many debates first as a Christian, then as an atheist. In 2014 he wrote the book entitled: “Modern Science and Philosophy Destroy Christian Theology”.

Bernie received a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology degree from Oregon Institute of Technology in 1984, and has been working in the computer industry ever since. In 2007 he also earned a Masters in Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary in Georgia. He left the faith and became an atheist in 2009. 

During this interview Bernie explains how and why he converted from Catholicism to an evangelical Christian to ultimately an atheist. He discusses why he feels debates are important in the religious world and what he would like to see in more debates. Bernie is well versed in many of the subjects and arguments in various fields that surround religion and secularism. Don’t miss this interview! 

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