Does the new Browncoat album offer incredible opportunities?
Mick Jagger just dropped a new single. I learned that from Bob Lefsetz. , a music commentator. Bob has a mailing list with lot of thoughts on the changing music business and lots of advice for new artists. Much of the advice I've heard about for years. It's never quite fit with how I do things though. That may be changing.

In this blog, I will share what I'm planning and then lay out some strategy for implementing this new idea.


As Long As I'm Flyin' is the first album I'm not *planning* to release on CD (after the initial Kickstarter run). My goal is to release the album to Kickstarter fans at the end of September. The album won't be publicly released until next year.

That means I really have no new album until next year. So how can I stay in the forefront of the eyes of fans? Bob Lefsetz suggests Singles.

I confess I'm not too partial to singles. I don't prefer them with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. And I still prefer albums from bands, but...

 Lefsetz's suggestion is to release a single TO FANS. See what they think. If they like it and it catches fire. AWESOME! You have a new single. If not, stop promoting it and move on to the next single.

Admittedly, I have a LOT of singles I can offer. The Flyin' ones make the most sense, because releasing singles leading up to an album release is a good strategy. 

But while I was recording Flyin' , I also recorded some other singles that would not go on this album. I finally have a really nice version of "Wherever I May Roam". I plan to release a Travel Vlog Postcard from my family's trip to Little River in North Alabama next week using that song.

Lefsetz also suggests remixes. So while I think this version of "Roam" is not yet completed, I could release the solo version of it to see how that fairs. Then later down the road add additional instrumentation.

All of this comes up too because of the recent podcast about "Will there be more cat songs?" I'm tempted to skip the Kickstarter altogether and just follow this method. BUT... one of the BIG reasons to do a Kickstarter is that it will draw more attention to all of my music...

So what's the plan then?

The Strategy - Wherever I May Roam

A big part about writing all of this is to help me ask questions of myself and answer them with a strategy. So let's make a plan.

1. Release "Wherever I May Roam" as a solo single in two weeks. Followed by the release of the music video on YouTube. (BTW. You will be the first to get the single and the video.)

2. Promote the song all over social media and to the mailing list. Then determine the success or failure of the promotion. Find out if people actually like it.

3. Add additional instrumentation. Re-release the single and see what the result is.

The Strategy - As Long As I'm Flyin'

I believe the final album has 13 tracks. That means I have 13 opportunities to promote the upcoming album. 

0. Pick an album release date in 2018.

1. Pick the single (the song I feel will get the most shares online). Admittedly, that will be tough because the song I WANT to share is artistic. It might not be the one YOU want to share.

2. Create a video. Depending on my time, it will be a simple lyric video or something more. Maybe I can get some footage at GenCon and DragonCon to use for it.

3. Release the single and the video to you.

4. Publicly release the single and video.

5. Promote the release, drawing attention to the album release date.

6. Determine the response. Then start over at #1 and pick the next single. Or push harder on the first single.

Cat Songs?

I keep going back and forth. I think I will do the Kickstarter for the next Cat CD. But I'm gonna use the site mostly to promote all of that cat songs and Patreon, because looking at the success rate of past Kickstarters, I just don't think I will reach a $15K goal. But I want to try.

Going Forward

The next big thing I want to do is use money I make from Patreon to hire musicians and start releasing fully produced singles every month. I was hoping to collaborate with other musicians but unfortunately, I haven't had a big response the way I initially asked at least. So we shall see what happens.

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