Dog and cat people
I know, this concept has been done so many times. But I just couldn't resist it!

I'm as well trained as my sister's dog. Whenever Nils drops something, he doesn't go after it, he just looks at me. I know my place :)

Oh and good news, solved the bug in the game yesterday. Still have no clue of what's wrong, I just remade the entire section the exact same way as before and now it works. Well I'm not going to question it, just enjoy the fact that it does work now! Starting on the patreon category tomorrow. Then I just have the title screen left. I'm thinking of looking up how complex it is to do a preloader as well. I can use a default preloader for the game, but it doesn't show how much the game has loaded and the style of it doesn't match my game at all, so I worry that if people might not even understand what it's doing when it loads and given that it's a large game (by HTML5 standards) it might load for a while. So it can probably be worth it to check out preloader options :)