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The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By (original demo)
This is my original 1985 solo acoustic demo of the track that would appear on the first Love and Rockets' album, 'Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven' in 1986.  It is quite a different take on the song with more of a lilting melody and a lot of lyrics that did not end up on the final studio cut.

The image shows the Hyatt Hotel, Buffalo, NY. (As it is now) The hotel is the large building just right of center.  In November of 1986, I was on tour with Love and Rockets when we played in Buffalo and stayed at the Hyatt.  After the gig I looked out of the hotel window and down onto the street only to see the story of the song being played out in front of me.  There was indeed a drunk outside of Wendy's plus a howling dog snapping at his legs and some crazy guy on the corner yelling about Jesus!  A case of life imitating art for sure.

My forthcoming double album, 'Vagabond Songs' (Last Hurrah Records) will feature a brand new version of and yet another different take on this live set staple.

(A 'dog-end' is a British slang term for the end of a cigarette. )

(Thanks to Shawn Stanley for the pic.)