The more pets we have had, the less I understand the concept.  To me they seem to be work and annoyance, primarily, and it seems that those who want the pets want me to do the work, or at least share part of the work.  So I get up in the middle of the night so everyone else can sleep when the dog wants to go out--or more likely wants to finish the food he left in his bowl.  I make sure he has fresh food and water, and if he is being a problem to someone, it's my job to figure out how to prevent that.

That particular tirade is triggered more by the fact that Derek is thinking about pets in today's post, For Better or Verse; Chapter 42, Brown 68 , than by anything else other than that I happen to be pretty tired from trying to get things done today, some of which I had intended to do yesterday but that my weekend was largely requisitioned by the lady of the house who had two days off and expected me to drive her to one end of the earth on Saturday and another on Sunday, so she could get fantastic Craig's List deals on things she has long wanted to have for the house.  Sorry, I'm ranting again.

I did finish reading another e-book, and wrote a Goodreads review of it, Immortal Betrayal, a book which was not really bad.  I should probably have praised it for breaking genre conventions, as I couldn't really tell you what kind of book it is.  It also had some interestingly creative ideas.