It's June first, AND Monday, would you look at that. Looks like its time for me to start cracking down on my posts since I did promise you all that I would post. I know we haven't reached that $20 mark yet, but I may as well get in the habit right? Today our post is about animal photography.

Most people don't think animal photography is that hard. All you do is point and shoot. I wish this was true, because it would be so much easier on all photographers. Sadly it isn't. People have to remember that the animals move, have a mind of their own, and often don't care if you're trying to make them look good. They just want to play! This photo by itself took well over 10 tries to get, and it still isn't 'perfect'. The dog would move, turn his head, bark, pretty much everything you can think of. Finally he sat still just long enough to get this cute little nose shot. It took close to a half hour to get.

So next time you get Fifi, Rufus, or Ted's photo taken, please remember to thank your Photographer for taking the time, and having patience with your furry friend.

Once again I would like to thank each and every one of my patrons for their support. Every cent makes a difference! Remember once we get up to $20 a month I will be consistently posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and once we get $50 per month I will be donating to an animal shelter. See you Thursday for either another Tidbit, or a throwback!